Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behind every successful Singapore soldier, there's a maid!!!

A photograph of a maid carrying a soldier's rucksack as she walked behind him has sparked outrage in Singapore and concern that recruits to its armed forces are a pampered lot.

The picture, published in the Singaporean media and on the Internet this week, showed the male soldier in military fatigues and combat boots strolling on a footpath.

His female maid followed a step behind with the military-issued rucksack slung over her left shoulder.

Reactions to the photograph, which was first posted on Facebook, ranged from amusement to anger and claims that Singapore's current generation of soldiers were "softies".

"Behind every successful SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) soldier, there is a maid," Chinteresting wrote, tongue in cheek, on Twitter. More...

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