Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saudi divorces three wives in exchange for car from fourth wife!!!

A Saudi man who had a fourth wife decided to divorce the first three in return for an expensive car gifted to him by his new rich spouse.

The first three wives had already felt worried when their 40-year-old husband got a new wealthy wife and decided to give up their low-paid jobs to please him.

“But his new wife gave him an expensive car as a present and asked him to get rid of the first three wives…so he divorced them,” the online Arabic language daily Kabar said in a report from the eastern province of Ihsa on Wednesday.

“He divorced them all at the same time at the request of his new wife, who works as a doctor….but she denied that she asked him to divorce them as a condition for getting the car…she claimed she knew of the divorce only after it happened.” Source...

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