Saturday, January 01, 2011

Police officer tased camel that was not obeying his commands!!!


Lewis told police that she pulled into the driveway hoping to notify the owners that the camel was on the lam, but the camel attacked her red Nissan, Underwood said.

Startled and trapped in her car, Lewis called police, Underwood said.

Deputy Ed Merwin arrived a short time later and saw the camel still attacking the vehicle, according to Merwin's police report.

"As I approached the animal in an attempt to run it away from attacking the female's car, the animal turned and started to come towards me," Merwin said. "I tried to chase the animal away so the female could get her car to safety outside the gate. The animal was not complying with my commands. At this time, the animal was tased once. It fled to to the other side of the property." Full story...

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