Monday, September 06, 2010

My 8 years trapped in a psychopath's dungeon: Natascha Kampusch tells her story...


Deeply traumatised by her years of abuse, 22-year-old Miss Kampusch has shied away from questions about her relationship with her captor.

Now her autobiography finally casts light on the bizarre relationship she fostered
with Priklopil in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

The book – entitled 3,096 Days, the length of time she was held captive – recounts how he ordered her to call him ‘Maestro’ or ‘My Lord’ and to kneel in front of him.

Priklopil, a former Siemens engineer, told her that her parents had refused to pay a ransom for her return and did not want her back, adding: ‘They’re happy to be rid of you.’ Full story...

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