Thursday, September 16, 2010

A fake Togo soccer team bamboozled everyone???

The mocking football chant "Who are you?" has been given new meaning after a "fake" Togo team played Bahrain in an international friendly. Bahrain's football authorities have launched an investigation into a match last week against what their coach believes was a bunch of amateurs masquerading as Togo.

Bahrain enjoyed an easy 3-0 win in the match, but the "total lack of quality" from the West African opposition caused the Gulf state's coach Josef Hickersberger to question whether the line-up were really professionals at all.

"They were not fit enough to play 90 minutes – the match was very boring," he told the Gulf Daily News. "Basically it was not good for us because we wanted to get information about the strength of our team, especially playing with many of our professionals." More...

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