Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've had sex with 5000 men in nine years! What???!!!

A beauty therapist, 25, has claimed to have slept with 5,000 men in just nine years - or 3,285 days.

Nikki Lee also boasts about having a ‘personal best’ of four men in one night and she claims she has never had sex with the same conquest twice.

In an admission that will shock most people, the blonde Essex girl has told how she has had casual sex in nightclubs, alleyways, parks, cinemas and teen discos since losing her virginity at 16. More + photos...

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  1. Hi

    My name is Elise and I'm an editor for a major woman's magazine. I read the post which says you've slept with 5,000 men and I wanted to reach out. Are you NYC based? Check out my query below and email me if you're interested. Thank you! My email is nerses12@gmail.com

    We're working on a story roughly entitled “What’s Your Number” where we are trying to get a conversation going about a taboo subject: How many sexual partners one has. I am looking for a specific set of women and hoping you may know someone who fits the bill. I’m looking for women who have slept with a range of people. For example, a woman who’s slept with 50 men, a woman who has slept with 1 man, and even a woman who’s slept with 100 guys. I’m flexible on all these numbers as long as it’s close enough and I have a good range from 1-100 partners. I’m also looking for a woman who has for example, slept with 6 women and 1 man. These women will be interviewed and talk about their sexual numbers, how they came to that number, and how they feel about their number (both positive and negative feelings. They will also be shot for the magazine except their faces wont be shown. They’ll be holding up a sign that covers their faces that reveals their number. And we’ll change their names. So it’s completely anonymous. Email me if you're interested!