Saturday, August 07, 2010

In Australia, it's OK to tell the police to fuck off!!!

A TOWNSVILLE Magistrate has ruled that it is acceptable for people to tell police officers to f*** off.

Magistrate Peter Smid yesterday threw out the court case against Mundingburra man Bardon Kaitira, 28, who swore at a female officer outside the Consortium night club on December 20, last year at 2.40am.

Constable Belinda Young gave evidence that Mr Kaitira used the swear word twice towards her after a group of officers patrolling Flinders St East poured out his girlfriend's drink.

"The defendant said 'f*** off' and starting walking away and I asked: 'What did you say?'," she said.

"He said 'f*** off" again and then said: 'I don't like the police you think you are all heroes'. More...

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