Saturday, May 08, 2010

If you have done nothing wrong, you don't have to worry, right?

With every intrusive law that gets passed, you’ll invariably hear a chorus of “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about!” I’ve heard this several times over the last week alone, and it has to be addressed.

If this statement were true, you’d never hear of innocent people being harassed or going to jail. You’d never hear of corrupt police. You’d never hear of the wrong house being raided. You’d never hear of people being screwed over because the other guy has a better lawyer and can get away with a fabricated case. You’d never hear of people being harassed by cops simply for the color of their skin or their style of clothing.

There are countless episodes of innocents having their lives ruined or even ended due to a deeply corrupt legal system and vague laws that allow cops to decide for themselves who should be singled out next. More...

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