Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shell bosses boast of kicking out more staff...

Multimillionaire bosses at the massive Shell oil corporation have boasted of doubling the number of workers to be thrown out of their jobs this year to satisfy wealthy City traders.

Shell boss Peter Voser insisted that another 1,000 workers would be sacked - adding to the 1,000 employees who are already set to lose their jobs and on top of the 5,000 made redundant last year - to save the company cash.

that "these are exciting times and we are sharpening up," but he refused to reveal whether Shell's 8,000 workers at refineries in Aberdeen and Ellesmere Port would be hit by the cuts.

Shell council rep John Donovan accused executives of "failing to show loyalty, responsibility and good faith" to a workforce that had helped the firm rake in more than £6.5 billion profits last year.


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