Sunday, February 28, 2010

80-year-old burglar lady still going strong!!!

Doris Thompson hasn't let age slow her down. At 80, she's still ransacking and burglarizing medical offices.

Thompson, whose criminal record stretches back to 1955, pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking about $1,400 from the Children's Medical Group in suburban Torrance.

During the hearing, the amiable 5-foot-3 woman who ties her gray pigtails with white bows, thanked the judge for letting her serve her time in state prison rather than county jail.

She also called Deputy District Attorney Paulette Paccione "sweetie" and told the judge "God bless you" as he sentenced her to three years behind bars.
"She just likes to steal," Paccione said Thursday. "It's just been her occupation, I guess, for years and years and years." More...

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