Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tamil actress Kushboo's remarks on virginity and pre-marital sex under scrutiny...

A four-year-old statement of south-Indian film actress Khusboo on pre-marital sex and virginity came under adverse light in the Supreme Court, which on Tuesday questioned her on the necessity for such an "extensive wise comment".

When her counsel, senior advocate Pinky Anand, read out a portion of her interview to a magazine whose translated version in a Tamil newspaper created furore and led to filing of 23 cases against her all over the country, the court wanted to know the exact sequence of the question and answer and asked the counsel to supply it in two weeks.

Anand said Khusboo had only asked questions about pre-marital sex and AIDS. Terming these as part of her right to freedom of speech and expression, she read out a part of the interview -- "none of the educated people will insist that their bride be a virgin". More...

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  1. She has no dharma , no self respect and no self control on her animal desires. Chastity and Virginity before marriage is a beautiful quality that any educated woman and man should be proud of in the eyes of God. People who are prostitutes and pimps and thugs will only condone such a low level of existance. She may be famous and she may have won her law suit , but , only she can clean the filth inside her mind and body.

  2. So, are you implying that women in the Western world are all prostitutes and filthy?