Thursday, December 17, 2009

Linguists unite against English invasion in Switzerland...

Largely unnoticed by English speakers, our fellow Europeans are sullenly suffering the colonisation of their native languages by Anglo-American terms.

Linguistics experts met in the Swiss capital Bern on Tuesday to share ideas on how to deal with the growing language divide within French, German and Italian-speaking communities.

Who can get by these days without knowing the meaning of whistleblower, laptop, roaming or task force? They are all words that have entered into common usage in Swiss national languages. More...

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  1. Malangnya DBP tidak memainkan peranannya selama ini dalam menterjemahkan buku-buku bahasa asing, tidak kira Bahasa Inggeris atau Perancis ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

    Jika tidak, tahap penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia tentunya lebih luas hari ini.

  2. Hello msleepyhead! Could you translate your comment into English?