Thursday, October 01, 2009

Masturgate in India: have sex before playing, cricketers are advised!!!

Gary Kirsten, the coach of India's cricket team, has some advice for his players:

Have sex before matches, boys. And if no partner is available, then "go solo." It says so, right in the team's training manual leaked to Indian media.

“From a psychological perspective, having sex increased testosterone levels, which causes an increase in strength, energy, aggression and competitiveness,” the manual reads in pseudoscientific jargonese.

Breaking from decades of tradition, the story has sparked a national debate that threatens to erupt into a full-fledged "masturgate." India, of course, is a traditionally conservative society that — while known throughout the world for the encyclopedic contortions of the Kama Sutra — has banned sex education in schools. A U.S.-based Hindu religious leader has already called for the South African Kirsten to resign, and Kirsten himself has blamed trainer Paddy Upton for the naughty bits in the manual. Meanwhile, a growing number of Indian commentators seek to explain why the boys needed “the talk.” More...

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