Saturday, September 05, 2009

"Toronto film festival tool for Israeli propaganda..."

Some 50 intellectuals and filmmakers including Briton Ken Loach have accused the Toronto film festival of complicity with an 'Israeli propaganda campaign'.

The Toronto International Film Festival chose this year to present 10 films by local filmmakers on the Israeli metropolis for its 'City to City' program, which each year focuses its lens on a different city.

This year's program was devoted to Tel Aviv and the Jaffa area. However, the choice led to protests that the film festival was 'staging a propaganda campaign' on Israel's behalf, given 'the absence of Palestinian filmmakers in the program', said an open letter to festival organizers. More...

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  1. Well, the protest did actually surprise me quite a lot, I dint expect it. True, promoting a country, or showing it from only one point of view surely isn't good. I'm just wondering how this will influence Canada-Israel relations.