Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Beatles in mono, or Beatles in stereo...

The re-release of the Beatles' entire back catalogue, 'remastered' from the original recordings, is set to be the music publishing event of the year. But amid the hoopla there are concerns among Beatles aficianados that potential purchasers are being ripped off. 

That is because the only CDs being released individually - as opposed to coming in expensive boxed sets - are stereo mixes. Yet the huge majority of Beatles music was recorded in mono, before stereo became widely available, and that is how - according to experts, including members of the band itself - the music sounds best.

Mono mixes are available in today's worldwide launch - but only in a boxed set of 10 CDs retailing at a stunning £200-plus. As a result, say purists, literally millions of people are about to buy Beatles music remixed in stereo - at a more affordable £10 per CD - and not sounding as songwriters John Lennon and Paul McCartney intended. More...

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