Thursday, August 20, 2009

Switzerland caves in and apologises to Libya...

Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz has apologised in Tripoli for the arrest in 2008 of one of the sons of the Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.

Two Swiss businessmen currently detained in Libya would be released "soon", according to a finance ministry statement.

"I express to the Libyan people my apologies for the unjust arrest of Libyan diplomats by Geneva police," Merz said in English at a joint news conference, according to AFP news agency. More...

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1 comment:

  1. 27.This “compassionate release” lie is a thin veil for the real quid pro quo. The Lockerbie bomber’s release is one more payment on Kaddafi’s terrorist extortion demands that secured release of his brutally prison raped and tortured EU nurse hostages.

    FLASHBACK 2007: Qaddafi Wants Money and Lockerbie Attacker for Nurses’ Release

    Muammar Qaddafi has officially stated his conditions for the release of the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor sentenced to death in Libya, a website of the Libyan opposition claims.

    Cited by the Bulgarian national radio, the site claims that Qaddafi has sent an official note to the EU country members and the US, requesting compensations for the families of the HIV-infected children and the release of the terrorist from Lockerbie… The UK should help with the release of the Lockerbie bomber, the note also says. He could be released because he has already served his sentence, or he could receive amnesty, or be extradited to Libya, Qaddafi suggests.
    This bald-faced hostage extortion payoff does not bode well for Iran’s three American hostages.–iran-missingamericans,0,2321685.story

    28.So let’s add up some of Kaddafi’s hostage extortion booty for brutally prison raping five EU nurses;

    EU $400 million (includes Bulgaria’s $57M ransom)

    French nuclear reactor deal (+ military hardware)

    EU free trade (+ political normalization)

    Brand new US Ambassador + date w/ Condi

    An historic handshake and UN podium w/ Obama for Ramadan

    Lockerbie bomber’s release… PRICELESS

    /oh yes, terrorism still pays... handsomely