Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Footage of Sri Lankan soldiers' atrocities against Tamils (Graphic)


  1. Thank u India , China, US, Uk & Eu for helping
    srilanka to kill all tamils.
    Now you all can come and enjoy as tourists.

  2. We will kill the rest of the tamils with the help of UN Banki Moon.

    Thank you International community.
    Learn from us how to wipe out terrorists and All tamils. INDIA Mafia Sonia Ghandi & Karunanithi helped us to win the war by killing their own tamil brothern.Thank you.

  3. Our Srilankan President , his ministers, and his brothers and his soldiers are heros.
    The world must learn from Sri Lanka and USA how to kill Iraqis & Tamils. Dont forget Israel they taught us teaching by methods of killing Palestinians.
    We learnt from them.
    And also China's Tianamen square methods.