Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rape in India, Dalits and shadow politics...

Indians have long grown used to tawdry eruptions and interruptions in their politics, when the contentious core of Indian political life surfaces in the most grisly, unflattering light. From corruption to sex to murder, the "world's largest democracy" is no stranger to the dirty imbroglio.


Depressingly, Mayawati and Uttar Pradesh have plumbed these depths plumbed before. Two years ago, she sparked controversy by attacking Mulayam Yadav, then chief minister, for his own plan to compensate Muslim rape victims, calling on Muslims to pay hefty compensation to Yadav's daughter if she were raped.


Rape in India is a crisis of substance, not murk. On average, a woman is raped every hour in the country, a stunning and damning statistic. Only one in 70 cases gets reported. Though India's proliferating media has increasingly shone light on the deplorable frequency of rape, such stories tend to focus on the urban educated, or on crimes linked to celebrities, like the case of Shiney Ahuja. Full story...

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