Friday, June 12, 2009

Chinese dude tries to sell "pretty girls' saliva..."

China's equivalent of eBay has banned an online trader from selling the saliva of pretty teenage girls.

The seller claimed the saliva was a 'tonic' and was asking the equivalent of £2 a small bottle, reports Hunan Online.

Listings for the bottles included pictures of the 18-year-old girls the saliva was supposedly taken from.

However, auction house deleted the listings after receiving dozens of complaints from web surfers.

The retailer, whose name was given as Zhou, said he had only been interested in testing the popularity of his ideas.

He now wants to market girls' drool instead - but admits that so far he has failed to sell one bottle of either product.

"The drool was all collected from 18-year-old pretty girls when they were sleeping. And buyers can pay later after they certified the authenticity of this product," he said.


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