Thursday, April 02, 2009

Why DO ego-crazed stars think they can save the world?


Once upon a time, you see, the entertainment industry was an industry which made entertainment. Its workforce was required to do quaint things like show up to movie sets, or make music or go to wild parties.

Today, that brief has expanded slightly. It now includes proselytising for alien religions, attempting to negotiate with the Taliban, getting photographed in a manner that basically constitutes an unsolicited gynaecology examination, and being brought in to fix the Iraqi refugee crisis.

The celebrity situation is out of control and we need to start looking for an exit strategy. Entertainers have vastly exceeded their mandate.

Don't worry: it's still OK to like premiere frocks and scandals and crazy dispatches from Sparkleville. But celebrity's like alcohol, kids: it's important to enjoy it responsibly. Full story...

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