Monday, April 06, 2009

The Rwandan genocide and the Catholic Church that looked the other way...

The pews in the church in the town of Nyamata still bear the scars of Rwanda's genocide. 

Blood-stained clothing, heaped in piles throughout the church, remain a decade and a half after the carnage, a striking reminder of what happened in the building in the spring of 1994. 

The white cloth covering the stone altar remains untouched, it too is covered with dried blood. 

On open racks in the church basement, thousands of skulls and other bones are piled in neat rows. Many of the skulls bear the evidence of machete attacks. 

The church, located in Bugasera district, 35 kilometres from Kigali, is no longer a site of worship but rather a popular tourist stop for those curious about the genocide. More...

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