Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ira Einhorn, co-founder of Earth Day, was also the Unicorn Killer...

Today is Earth Day, a holiday created to honor the planet and to raise the consciousness of man’s effect on the environment. Philadelphia has a very strong tie to this day. One of its native sons, Ira Einhorn, was a co-founder of the environmentalist jubilee.

But Mr. Einhorn has another line on his resume. In addition to being a environmental guru, he is the Unicorn Killer.
While a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Einhorn dated a Bryn Mawr College graduate by the name of Holly Maddux. When the affair ended in 1977, Mr. Einhorn went into a jealous rage and murdered her. More...
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  1. Interesting, I did not know that.

  2. Not many people do, I think, though the information is easily available on Wikipedia as well.