Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Willie the Parrot screams "Mama,baby" and saves toddler's life!!!

A parrot that alerted his owner about a baby who was choking was recognized as a hero by the Red Cross.

Willie the parrot was given the Animal Lifesaver Award during the "Breakfast of Champions" event attended by Gov. Bill Ritter and Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Willie received the award Friday for his actions in November, when he and owner Megan Howard were baby-sitting a toddler. Willie repeatedly yelled "Mama, baby" when Howard went to the bathroom and the toddler started to choke on her breakfast.

Howard saved the baby by performing the Heimlich maneuver but she said Willie "is the real hero."


  1. A parrot playing golf, basketball???
  2. He learns to talk again ... thanks to his parrots!
  3. Berlin: 1,500 parrots in a two-room apartment!!!
  4. "Help me! Help me!" cry makes cops break into a house: it was only Luna the cockatoo!

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