Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Would you kill your mother to cut down on expenses? A couple in India did just that...

A government employee in a West Bengal village and his wife were arrested for allegedly killing his 82-year-old mother, reportedly because they wanted to cut down on their expenditure, the police said Monday.

Madan Mohan Nag, 58, and his wife Maniprabha Nag were arrested from their residence in Jamalpur village in Burdwan district Sunday.

The couple might have killed Shanti Lata Nag, Madan Mohan Nag's mother, to cut down on expenditure as Madan Mohan Nag was to retire soon, the police said.

'We've presented the couple in the Burdwan district court today (Monday),' said a police officer of Jamalpur police station in Burdwan district.

Madan Mohan Nag was a state irrigation department employee of Memari area.

'Our investigation is on,' the officer said.

According to sources, the local residents got a foul smell Sunday morning and immediately informed the police. The police came and recovered the rotting body of Shanti Lata Nag from the backyard of Madan Mohan Nag's residence.

The body was found wrapped in a blanket.

Later, local people lodged a first information report (FIR) with the police station and the couple was arrested. The local people also alleged that the family used to torture the old woman.


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