Friday, January 16, 2009

Indonesia: a thief with ... "magical powers???"

Police in Indonesia said they have arrested an alleged thief who locals say uses "magic power" to commit his crimes. 

Andi Dady Cahyo, adjunct commissioner of the Mataram Police Criminal Investigation Unit, said the alleged thief, identified only as Salman, 19, was arrested Thursday night while fleeing from a home where he had allegedly stolen money and a cell phone, Antara reported Friday. 

"Salman is a specialist cellular phone thief who is known by the local people to have a magic power because he is invisible each time he carried out his stealing activity," Andi said. "When Salman was questioned he admitted to have carried out his action with his friend, identified as (18-year-old) Mail, a student of a state Senior High School in Mataram." 

"We are developing the case to uncover an alleged ring of thefts believed to have magic power in the city," Andi said.


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