Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Almost 200kg taken off world's fattest teenager!!!

The world's fattest teenager lost half of his massive weight after doctors performed life-saving operations to remove his fat.

Billy Robbins (19), from Houston, Texas once weighed 381kg and was told that if he carried on eating so much, his heart would collapse.

Surgeons performed several operations on Billy, cutting kilos of fat from his stomach and inserting a gastric band to cut down on the amount of food he could ingest.

The morbidly obese teen now weights only 190kg - half as much as he did before! More...

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  4. I watched the episode on TLC about Billy. I was impressed with the manners this young man has. He worked very hard to get through this but I was afraid he was going to get hooked on the pain killers. Im glad his mom sought treatment too. That was the mane problem. She did everything and more to help him gain weight. I wish Billy all the luck in the world. I was touched by this story as my son is headed down the same path. his father feeds him all the wrong foods. His dad is also big. I will be working with my son to him mannage his weight. Thank you Susan

  5. take care, hope everything works out for the best. (: