Monday, December 01, 2008

U.S.: 90p.c. of infant food may be contaminated with melamine; FDA now says the chemical is safe for babies!!!

Up to 90 percent of the infant formula sold in the United States may be contaminated with trace amounts of melamine, the toxic chemical linked to kidney damage, according to recent tests. The FDA's test results, which the agency hid from the public and only released after the Associated Press filed a Freedom of Information Act request, showed that Nestle, Mead Johnson and Enfamil infant formula products were all contaminated with melamine.


Prior to these test results being made public, the FDA had published a document on its website that explained there was no safe level of melamine contamination in infant formula.


Once tests found melamine in U.S.-made formula products, however, the FDA changed its story. As of today, the FDA has now officially declared melamine to be safe in infant formula as long as the contamination level is less than one part per million (1 ppm).  Full story...

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