Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sicily: chapel in a supermarket! You can now shop and pray at the same time!!!

Praying and attending Mass while doing your shopping is now possible in a shopping centre near Messina in Sicily, in the south of Italy, where a chapel was inaugurated on Tuesday inside a supermarket, according to the Ansa agency. 

Constructed inside a supermarket in a shopping centre in Tremestieri, near Messina, the chapel was blessed on Tuesday by the local priest.

It allows customers to enjoy a moment of retreat and silence, even in a shopping centre. The aim is to conciliate faith with man’s daily life, said Father Giuseppe Lonia, according to Ansa.

An official from the shopping centre, Maurizio Andronico, asserted that the chapel will be open to customers and workers and that Mass will be celebrated in it. 

This is the first initiative of its kind in Italy, a country with a strong Catholic tradition, said the same source.

Source (in French)

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