Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tanzania: moron tries to sell his albino wife...

A man has been arrested in southern Tanzania on suspicion of attempting to sell his albino wife to Congolese traders, police said on Wednesday. 

Rukwa regional police commander Isunto Mantage said John Joseph was about to sell his wife Janet for 3.6 million shillings when caught by a police sting operation. 

Mantage said the man was caught "after the police set a trap, but the two Congolose traders escaped". 

The woman told the police she was not aware of her husband's plot but he confessed to having struck a deal with the Congolese. 

In a spate of gruesome incidents over the past few months, albinos have been kidnapped, killed and dismembered for witch doctors who use their limbs and organs to make lucky charms. More...

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