Friday, October 24, 2008

Woman tries to smuggle bananas ... in her underwear!!!

BANANAS in pyjamas may be OK, but in undies they are not - as a woman discovered at Sydney Airport.

Customs officers stopped the 56-year-old from the Czech Republic when she arrived from Samoa on Wednesday. 

Suspecting she was concealing something on her body, a female officer frisked her and found she was concealing three banana plants in her underpants. 

Quarantine officers seized the plants, which Customs say are a threat to Australia's banana industry because they can carry black sigatoka disease, fusarium wilt, or moko disease. 

The woman was likely to be issued a court attendance notice when investigations were completed, a Customs spokesman said today. 

Penalties for breaching quarantine laws can result in fines of more than $66,000 or 10 years' jail.


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