Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marx “Das Kapital” sales soar among young Germans...

Sales of Kart Marx’s “Das Capital” have soared in Germany as a consequence of the financial crisis reported on Tuesday editor Jrn Schtrumpf from the newspaper "Neue Ruhr/Rhein Zeitung" (NRZ).

"Marx is back and is fashionable again”, said Schtrumpf, director of publishers Karl-Dietz form Berlin.

Sales of the first of the three tomes of “Das Kapital” (1818/1883) have trebled since 2005. This year sales have reached 1.500 and a strong surge is expected towards the end of the year said the publisher of Marx and Friedrich Engels works.

New readers belong to “a young generation of academics who have had to admit that the promises from neo-liberals have not been accomplished”, said Schtrumpf.

One of the German provinces where Marx critique of capitalism surged most strongly was in Hesse where the leader of the Social Democratic party, SPD, Andrea Ypsilanti would like to take office of the regional government in alliance with a radical grouping led by Oskar Lafontaine.


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