Monday, October 13, 2008

Have you seen the new toy the Atlanta cops have acquired?

It’s no big deal, insists the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It’s just the local cops with a $500,000 APC. For you civilians, that’s Armored Personnel Carrier. 

“Don’t be surprised to see an Army tank rolling down a street near you,” chides the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The Cobb County police department has refurbished a donated Armored Personnel Carrier for officers to use in SWAT situations.” 

Apparently, the cops think those on the receiving end of any SWAT operation using this military vehicle are armed to the teeth like the resistance in Iraq or maybe the Taliban in Afghanistan. It certainly is not needed for busting the average dope dealer, even one hopped up on PCP. 


The L.A.V. 300 will also send a message to the civilians — increasingly, there is little difference between the cops and the military. Full story...

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