Sunday, October 19, 2008

A creepy gnome? Terrorising an Argentinian village?

A NEW sighting of South America’s ‘creepy gnome’ has caused panic among locals after a group of youngsters claimed a ‘midget monster’ ran towards them at night. 

The teens – who recorded footage of the freaky being on their mobile phone – said they are now “too terrified” to go out at night. 

Experts who examined the latest footage, taken in the town of Clodomira, province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, last week, say it is ‘credible’.

But sceptics say the sidestepping ‘gnome’ could be a speedy child or even a small animal. 

Last week’s footage was taken by Juan Carlos Roldan, his brother Javier and five friends, who were larking around by the water fountain in Clodomira. 

Juan, who filmed the creature, referred to it as “something that looked like a dwarf”. Source + video...

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