Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When doctors say that you only have a few weeks to live, it's always wise to seek a second opinion ... before giving your money away!!!

When doctors told Andy Lees he had no more than six weeks to live he set about the sombre task of preparing for his death. 

He divided his £18,000 life savings among his nearest and dearest, leaving enough to pay for his funeral. Then he waited for the cancer to take him. 

But a year later Mr Lees is still in the land of the living – and has just been told he does not have cancer after all.

Now penniless, the 72-year-old is planning to sue the hospital which wrongly diagnosed the terminal illness. 

He said: ‘The doctors told me I had cancer of the liver and the lungs, I had only four to six weeks to live and there was nothing they could do for me. 

‘But they’ve now said they were wrong and, although I’m still very ill, I’m not dying. 

‘I’ve given away my life savings because I didn’t think I’d need it. Now I’m absolutely skint.’ More...

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