Monday, September 22, 2008

If you are a black farmer in England, you can be easily accused of being a thief as you harvest your crop...

A police force sent four squad cars to question a black farmer in his field after receiving reports that a thief was stealing maize - the third time in less than a week that officers had questioned the man.

David Mwanaka, 42, told yesterday how he was reported to the police by people 'who are not used to seeing a black man working in a farmer's field', after he was repeatedly quizzed at the farm where he rents land.

Mr Mwanaka, who is originally from Zimbabwe, was quizzed for half an hour and searched, while officers also checked his van. 

He also had to call the white farmer, from whom he rents his field in Rothley, Leicestershire, before police were finally satisfied that he wasn't stealing food. 

On the third occasion, four patrol cars arrived to quiz the farmer as he was picking maize from his crop. More...

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