Thursday, September 18, 2008

China's toxic milk: did the goons think they could get away with it?

A fourth baby has died as the horror of China's toxic milk scandal led to 12 more arrests today.

More than 6,200 babies are ill, with over 150 of those suffering from acute kidney failure, as employees desperately pull the tainted milk from supermarket shelves.

The mounting scandal forced the government to meet under Premier Wen Jiabao yesterday to slam the dairy industry as "chaotic". Industry heads and political figures have been sacked among the arrests. The total number of people arrested now stands at 18.

The health scare erupted after Sanlu Group last week revealed its milk powder contained melamine, which is banned in food.

A subsequent probe found a fifth of 109 Chinese dairy producers made products adulterated with the substance.

At the latest count, 6,244 children have become ill with kidney stones after drinking powdered milk laced with melamine. Four have died, with a notice posted in Xinjiang this morning announcing the death of the fourth, and 158 are suffering "acute kidney failure". More...

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