Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tree-man Dede Koswara is getting better and will be heading home soon...

Dede Koswara, known in his native Indonesia as "Tree Man," has lived for years with rapidly spreading warts that have covered his entire body in a case that has baffled doctors.

The 37-year-old has been undergoing a radical transformation at a tropical hospital in Bandung and in the time it takes to conceive and give birth to new life, a team of local doctors have performed eight major operations involving an electric saw, skin grafting and the removal of pounds of dead skin tissue hardened by the years. 

Dede, a father of two who goes by his first name, is expected to return home to his remote village at the end of this month. His parents, siblings and children have been visiting him regularly at the hospital. 

"The surgery of Dede is not perfect, but the results meet what we hoped or expected," said Dr. Hardisiswo Soedjana, a leading plastic surgeon in Indonesia and the head doctor in Dede's case.

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