Friday, August 15, 2008

Swiss Alps Cheese-making, just like 300 years ago...

La fabrication du fromage dans les alpes, comme il y a 300 ans... (Article en anglais mais les images sont superbes)

Can you climb a mountain with your photo gear?, asked Joseph Werlen. I said I could. Anything for proper cheese. Well then, leave the car at the bottom of the Nüffenen/Novena path and walk up in the Lengtal until you reach the place they call Vorderdistel. They make the cheese in the second hut. But take your time - it's a steep climb.

I slept in Münster, near the source of the Rhone river and on August 1st, Swiss National Day, I woke up at 5 AM to drive to the bottom of the Nueffenen path, the bit of mountain that connects my birth canton of Valais to Italian-speaking Ticino. I briefly stopped to knock on Münster's baker back door to buy a dozen croissant to bring to the cheesemakers. When the road stopped I took my 40 pounds of photo gear on my back and set out to walk. The Lengtal ('long valley') is very flat at first, but it starts to become steeper and steeper as you climb towards the former glacier. The border with Piemonte, Italy, is just over the ridge. More...

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