Sunday, August 03, 2008

Peking Duck gives Nanny State the finger!!!

Britain's favourite Chinese dish is back on the menu after a U-turn by council health-and-safety inspectors.

Peking Duck was banned in some of the country’s top Chinese restaurants after officials enforced strict EU regulations controlling traditional restaurant ovens.

Ten restaurants in London’s Chinatown were affected and there were fears that hundreds of businesses across the country would be forced to close down their large Chinese-made roasting ovens, which are also used to cook Cantonese Duck and suckling pig.

The inspectors sealed up ovens not branded with a CE (Conformité Européenne) mark because they did not conform to Brussels safety standards on carbon-monoxide emissions.

Last month The Mail on Sunday revealed the clampdown, which came despite an admission by council officials that there had been no reported health problems linked to the ovens. 

The ban infuriated restaurant owners and celebrity chef Ken Hom, who said: ‘It’s absurd.’ More...

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