Thursday, August 14, 2008

Man Steals Bear, Uses it for Sideshow Scam! Hilarious!

A South Carolina man is in jail after authorities say he stole a bear cub from an animal park in Wellford in the Upstate, and then charged people a dollar each to pet it.

John Chadwick Montgomery, 31, was charged Tuesday with third-degree burglary and grand larceny.

Officials said he lured the 7-month-old cub from the Hollywild Animal Park Saturday night.

Joy Crawford says Montgomery, her cousin, pulled up into her driveway on Sunday and told her he had stolen a bear. "He said he just wanted a bear," says Crawford. "He's always been great with animals and has had a lot of exotic pets, so it really didn't surprise me. He has done a lot of stupid things." 

Crawford says Montgomery told her the bear was not his initial target at Hollywild. Deputies say after breaking in, he tried to steal a capuchin monkey, but another monkey stopped the attempted abduction.

The cousin says the other monkey jumped on Montgomery's back and bit him.

Authorities say they are looking for two others, Anthony Derrick Elliot and Amy Brooke Mayberry, they believe helped Montgomery steal the bear.


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