Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Strange beheadings and a Dark Knight curse...

A Batman beheading? Have people so quickly forgotten a recent tragedy?

Heightened awareness of decapitations has occurred in the last few days due to the incidents in Brazil, Dubai, Greece, and, of course, the bus event in Canada (during the showing of The Legend of Zorro). Also, please note it is in the earlier The Mask of Zorro, that features Zorro's/Diego’s brother’s beheading. In that Zorro movie, the decapitation is done by a sadistic, psychotic Texian Army Captain named Harrison Love.

There remains no explanation of why the name "Badger" became the code word given to suspect Vincent Li of Edmonton, Alberta, by the law enforcement officers.

Chronologically, it should be mentioned that these news items were proceeded by a Batman-related beheading. More...

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