Monday, August 18, 2008

India: 14-year-old boy murders girl for I-pod...

A 14-year-old boy killed a nine-year-old girl for an I-pod in a West Bengal town. The girl's body was recovered by the police on Monday afternoon.

The incident occurred in Siuri town in Birbhum district on Sunday evening.

"Arka Das, 14, wanted his classmate Sagar Dolui's I-pod. He asked Sagar's sister Siuli, 9, to come to him with the I-pod at Tilpara Barrage - a reservoir over Mayurakshi river, seven km from Siuri on Sunday evening so that he could click photographs of her. When the girl reached the spot he snatched the I-pod from her and pushed her off the barrage," alleged a senior official at Siuri police station.

Arka, confessing to his crime said "I told Siuli to hand me the I-pod. When she refused, I snatched it from her and threw her down the barrage," the officer added.

"But when I saw that Siuli had fallen on the bank of the river instead of the water and was alive, I was scared that she will tell the elders. So first I tried to choke her to death and then smashed her head with a stone," Arka told the police.

He then hid her body in the nearby bushes.

Police sources said finding Siuli had not returned home till late night, her parents asked Arka about her.

"Arka said Siuli had gone with him for a walk down the Mayurakshi river but while returning home parted way saying she has some important work to do. Hearing that her parents filed a missing complaint at Siuri police station late Sunday night," police said.

However, Arka confessed to the crime during police interrogation Monday.


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