Monday, August 18, 2008

Germany: 2 undertakers kill a third undertaker!!!

Two undertakers, suspected of having killed a third undertaker have been arrested these past weeks in Bavaria in the south of Germany, according to a spokesman in the district of Erlangen. 

According to Andreas Quentin, it is even “possible” that the two suspects, arrested on the 6th. and 13th. of August, could have burned the corpse in a crematorium under a false name, following a quarrel over money.

In the summer of 2005, Erich W., 43, sells his casket company to Michael S., 52, an undertaker from Erlangen, says the popular journal Bild.

A quarrel begins over the price that the buyer is unable to pay. The latter then organizes a meeting with the seller in order to talk things over. A second suspect makes his appearance at this meeting in April of 2007 but no agreement is reached and the buyer has since disappeared, explains Mr. Quentin.

The police suspect that the seller and his accomplice killed the prospective buyer and then got rid of his body. If these suspicions are confirmed, both men could be sentenced to life imprisonment. 

According to Bild, the two undertakers placed the corpse in a coffin and then took it in a hearse to a private crematorium in F├╝rstenzell to have it burned by showing the copy of a death certificate of another person.

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