Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Britain: website selling fake sick-notes for £25!!!

The NHS fraud squad is investigating a website selling fake doctor's sick notes for £25 each to Britain's work-shy generation.

The replica racket could be costing employers thousands of pounds in unearned pay.

The documents look almost identical to a genuine letter from a GP or hospital.

He said: 'The NHS Counter-Fraud and Security Management Service takes fraud against the NHS very seriously.

'Anyone caught using these fraudulent documents will be pursued vigorously.

'The NHS logo and letters are registered trademarks which are owned by the Department of Health.

'We can and will take action to ensure the NHS logo and name are not misused in any way.'

The notes, written on official NHS notepaper with an authentic stamp, are printed with real doctors' names and carry fake signatures.

Each certificate also lists an illness, the number of sick days required and the medical facility - all as chosen by the customer.

The site, called doctorsnotestore.com, claims a guaranteed 48-hour delivery of the replica certificates.

A spokesman for the NHS fraud squad warned that anyone caught using fake doctor's notes is open to prosecution. More...

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