Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sex tests at Beijing Olympics: no more Santhi Soundarajan humiliations...

Suspicious-looking woman athletes participating in next month's Olympic Games in Beijing will be forced to take a gender test, the Chinese authorities have announced. 

To ensure that girls will be girls, officials have set up a sex-determination laboratory where they say that tests will be conducted with the utmost delicacy by four experts from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. 

The hospital has spent more than a year designing the facility to ensure the minimum of embarrassment for those athletes who may be asked to prove their credentials. 

China wants to avoid any disruption of the kind that marred the 2006 Asia Games in Doha when Santhi Soundarajan, the Indian middle-distance runner, was stripped of the silver medal she won in the 800 metres track event after failing a sex-determination test. More...

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