Friday, July 25, 2008

Indian monkey god, Hanuman, sent to Obama...

A group of Indians have sent a small statue of the revered Indian monkey god to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a good luck charm ahead of the November polls.

The group decided to despatch the idol after reading reports that Obama carried a good luck "monkey king charm with him all the time in his pocket," said Brij Mohan Bhama, an Indian fan of Obama.

The two-foot, 15-kilogramme (33-pound) brass idol "has been gifted to Obama because I believe he will be good for India if he becomes the next president," Bhama told AFP Friday.

The monkey god, Hanuman, is revered by Hindus who also regard monkeys as descendants of the deity.


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And this: Monkey god Hanuman now chairman of a business school!!!


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  2. Its Jesus Vs Hanuman now!!!