Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Street View comes to Britain!!

Plans by Google to photograph millions of British homes and publish them online have been condemned as a 'gross invasion of privacy'. 

The internet giant's StreetView website will allow anyone in the world to type in a UK address or postcode and instantly see a 360-degree picture of the street. 

It will include close-ups of buildings, cars and people. Critics say the site is a 'burglar's charter' that makes it easy for criminals to check out potential victims. 

The pictures also show people leaving and entering hospitals, health clinics, adult shops and hotels. Although their faces are deliberately blurred, many could still be recognised by their clothing and hair colour. 

The site was launched in major American cities last year. 

Google has confirmed it is now in the process of photographing Britain as part of the Street View project.  More...

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