Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can't get a wife in Taiwan'? No worries! You can buy one...

More than a quarter of a million women have been sold as wives and baby-makers in South East Asia, but they are getting a raw deal in health care and social inclusion. 

A PhD study undertaken by Queensland University of Technology nursing researcher Yung-Mei Yang has found that foreign wives often suffer low mental and physical health, and may suffer domestic violence or enter prostitution to make money.

Ms Yang surveyed more than 200 foreign brides living in Taiwan, most of whom were sold from Vietnam and Indonesia.

She said they were difficult to find, because their in-laws often hid them away from the public eye.

"It's a new phenomenon of the last 10 years in Korea and Taiwan, where men can't find a wife, so they buy one," Ms Yang said.


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