Saturday, July 19, 2008

Angry mums stage breast-feeding sit-in at McDonald's!!!

A McDonald's manager who told a young woman to stop breastfeeding found himself faced with a demonstration of Mum Power. Maddie Reynolds returned with five friends she had met at ante-natal classes and they staged a mass feed-in at the restaurant. 'We all walked in to McDonald's together and sat around one table right by the counter,' said 27-year-old Miss Reynolds, a nursery nurse from Bournemouth.

'We began breastfeeding our babies all at the same time to make a point. We caused a bit of a stir among customers but none of the staff looked our way. 'Someone told a manager what we were doing but he just muttered that he couldn't comment.' The incident happened at the McDonald's branch inside an Asda supermarket in the resort. Miss Reynolds was feeding ten-week-old Sophie when the staff member intervened. 'I had a proper maternity top on which is designed for breastfeeding so no one could see anything,' she said. 'I was angry when the man told me to leave but knew I wasn't doing anything wrong so I carried on. But he just stood there and watched me for a few minutes.


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