Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maxi Mounds: world's largest fake breasts!!! Oh boy!

Maxi Mounds’s 36MM bust was accepted by Guinness World Records in a new World's Largest Augmented Breasts category, after years of lobbying by the entertainer.

Each of her breasts weighs 20 pounds – and they are still growing, thanks to the controversial "polypropylene string" treatment that created them.

Unimpressed by the results of standard silicone implants, Ms Mounds had plastic string inserted into her breasts in 2000.

The implant irritates the breast, causing the release of body fluids that inflate the area still further.

The procedure – which was only really popular among adult entertainers and sex workers – has since been banned in Britain and the United States due to concerns about its safety.

Ms Mounds, who became a lap dancer in Florida in the 1990s and has since starred in several pornographic films, says she is used to her absurd proportions causing a stir.

"I’ve seen some pretty funny things happen. Men walking into things and getting slapped by their girlfriends because they were staring too hard."

Ms Mounds, who lives in New York, says she approached the Guinness World Records after spotting a record for natural breast size. They initially turned her away, but a few years later got in contact.

"Then they asked me if I was interested as they were creating a category. Eventually they told me I won."

The official measuring taken in Florida in 2005 gave her a chest-over-nipple size of 60.5 in.


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